Patcham’s additives for composites covers Wetting and Dispersing agents, Defoamers, Leveling agents, Rheology modifiers and Initiators. The products allow higher filler loading, wetting and anti settling properties for fire retardants like ATH. They optimise the processing, application, mechanical properties of the composites.
Additives for Composites
Additive Application charateristics and Composition TDS
Pat-Add AF 75
A silicone free, polymeric de-aerator and defoamer.
Specially desinged for use in UPR systems and gel coats and provides fast de-airing and efficient in a wide range of systems at low dosages
Pat-Add AF 76
Silicone-free, polymeric de-aerator and defoamer for use in UPR systems, as well as in PUR and epoxy systems.
fast de-airing and is efficient in a wide range of systems at low dosages. Especially recommended for clear and transparent systems.
Dispersing agents
Pat-Add DA 2702
Strong adsorption sites to wide variety of pigment surfaces.
Excellent dispersion stability with low mill base viscosity for highly loaded pigment dispersions. High transparency through optimum dispersion of fine particle sized pigments
Pat-Add DA 2047
Wetting and dispersing additive for dispersion of commonly used fillers such as calcium carbonate and aluminum trihydroxide (ATH)
Reduces compound viscosity so as higher filler loading is possible
Levelling agent
Pat-Add LE 1065
Efficient surface tension modifier provides leveling, excellent surface smoothness, slip & mar resistance and does not show any adverse effects. Helps to avoid pigment floating. Suitable for pigmented and clear coating systems
Rheology modifier
Pat-Add Rheol 253
A liquid rheology modifier for UPR systems and gel coats. Reduces risk of separation & settling. Excellent compatibility with a wide variety of systems and does not require any chemical activation.
Colorless accelerator
Patcure 2716
Colorless and clear liquid accelerator for UPR systems