Proactive approach in developing and promoting new technologies.
Aggressive in providing sustainable solutions to customers by working
Together with co suppliers to serve the Coatings, Plastics & Paint industries and be a
Consistent factor in the journey towards green & economical technology.
Helping customers who are working to develop quality products and
Aiming for zero defects and zero environmental issues by providing
Multi functional and multi compatible products
Patcham FZC is a well established manufacturer of specialty additives headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Patcham FZC was founded in 1994 after identifying the need in the regional market for a reliable local supplier which can deliver its products globally with consistently high quality standards.
Since its inception, Patcham has steadily grown into a leading supplier of specialty additives for the Paint & Coatings, Ink, PVC and Composite industries.
Patcham FZC prides itself on efficient customer and technical service, while focusing on the development and manufacturing of high quality specialty additives. Technical service is backed by a fully equipped laboratory with laboratory scale equipment to produce and process the finished products made from our additives.
We at Patcham FZC are consistently evolving our product range to best meet market trends by conducting in-depth market research, investing in research & development for products and manufacturing processes. Patcham has built a strong manufacturing and R&D infrastructure that enables the rapid transition from concept to products.
Patcham aims to be a leader in the industrial chemicals industry by providing the highest quality products that exceed customer expectations and minimizing environmental impact.