Additives play a major role in processing of plastisol and to achieve better quality of products. Patcham offers comprehensive range of additives that includes effective wetting and dispersing, efficient air releasing and de-airing agent.
Patcham dispersing agents provide stabilization of blowing agents such as ADC and Zinc Oxide, TiO2, fillers, which are also used for the production of PVC colorants with all kinds of pigments. Green technology based air releasing agent which efficiently releases the air with lower risk of side effects. Patcham additives are very much used in flexible extrusion, cables, rigid sheets, floorings, rigid packing and other applications.

Additives for Plastisol systems
Additive Application charateristics and Composition TDS
Air releasing agent / De-aerator
Pat-Add AF 5103
Green Chemistry based air releasing and de-airing agent for effective de-airing for PVC plastisol. Lowest risk for unwanted side effects
Dispersing agents
Pat-Add DA 815
A multi-purpose solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive enables to stabilize organic and inorganic pigments, particularly carbon blacks. Suitable for the production of PVC Colorants / Color Master paste.
Pat-Add DA 948
High Molar Volume polymer, 100% active dispersing agent
specially designed for plastisols, gel coats and UPR (unsaturated polyester). Acts as viscosity reducer and stabilizer in Plastisol. Enables low mill base viscosity and achieve higher pigment loading.
FDA 21 CFR 175.300 approved (US FDA)
Pat-Add DA 2025
High performance wetting and dispersing agent with outstanding dispersion and stabilization of blowing agents such as ADC and Zinc Oxide, TiO2 and fillers. Better cell structure and uniform distribution of blowing agent in Plastisol matrix. Low viscosity of ADC paste and thus easy handling and reduction in loss.