Tins & Antimony Mercaptide

Patstab 2501 is a methyl tin mercaptide stabiliser with excellent early colour as well as long range heat stability.
Patstab 1001 is a novel antimony mercaptide liquid stabiliser system for rigid pipes and pipe fitting applications. It can also be used for plasticised clear and filled applications.
The Patstab range of tin carboxylate stabilisers are suitable for higly transparent rigid PVC applications and being sulphur free also exhibit very good weathering stability. The range of properties provided by organotin carboxylates make them suitable for the manufacutre of rigid and plasticised PVC articles for outdoor use such as transparent profiles, facade & window profiles and roof sheeting.

Methyl Tin
Antimony Mercaptide
Patstab 2501 Patstab 1001
Rigid calendering clear
Rigid calendering opaque
Flexible calendering clear  
Flexible calendering opaque  
T- die extrusion
Blown flim rigid
Blown film flexible
Foamed board / filled extrusion
Injection moulding
Automotive flexible application    
Very good initial colour
Very good printability
Very good weldability
Non toxic