Floor Coatings

Unique combination additive package for solvent free /solventborne epoxy, PU and Polyaspatic high build coatings

Pat-Add DA 948 / DA 815

  • Perfect candidates for solvent free & SB epoxy and PU and Polyaspartic coating
  • Enables high pigment loading and optimal pigment dispersion
  • Effective for co-grinding of organic, inorganic and carbon blacks
  • Provides excellent long term stability of pigment dispersions
  • Strong affinity to carbon black, organic pigments and extenders
  • High Molar Volume Technology polymer for efficient dispersion of wide variety of pigments

Pat-Add AF 70

  • Excellent solution for micro macro foam Issues
  • Efficient defoaming and deaerating properties across various resin systems
  • Effective at lower dosages and no negative influence on clarity and gloss of the system
  • Applicable for low to high layer thickness (30ยต – 6 mm)

Pat-Add LE 1066 / LE 1019

  • Best leveling agent for solvent-free and solvent borne coatings
  • Excellent surface smoothness
  • Excellent compatibility and high transparency
  • Efficiently avoid craters and pinholes
  • Suitable for pigmented and clear coating systems