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High Molar Volume Technology Dispersant

Exceptional dispersing and stabilizing additive for High Channel Carbon blacks and organic pigments to achieve best jetness and more transparency.

Multipurpose Additive for SB Coatings

Multipurpose additive for solvent borne coatings.Dispersing, Anti-settling, Anti-sagging agent and compatibilizer for PU, Epoxy, TPA and other solvent borne systems.


Dispersant for WB Pigment Concentrates

Versatile dispersing and stabilizing additive for Waterborne coatings and Inks.Unique choice for dispersing wide range of pigments in Resin Free and Resin minimal colorants

Floor Coatings

Unique combination of additive package for solvent free /solventborne epoxy, PU and Polyaspatic high performance coatings.
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